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How to plant Bahia Grass

The Bahia Grass is not easy to plant, so that we wrote this article with some tips, which will certainly help you to avoid major inconveniences, such as loss and reduction of the original calculated lawn size.

1- Take care when unloading the grass from the truck:

It is not advisable to unload the grass from the truck by throwing the carpets directly on the ground, since the impact with the ground will surely break many grass plates causing great damage. Unload the grass by placing it as close to the planting area as possible. This will greatly facilitate the planter's handling of grass planting . At the time of unloading, avoid packing the entire contents of the truck into one place since the more heaped the grass is, the greater the possibility that the grass plates will break when they are handled.

2- Planting Bahia Grass: 

Position several grass carpets side by side, always aligning them so that they are evenly uniform. Try to do this step of the service only with the unbroken plates. The plates that are broken must be separated to be used in the finishing of the planting. Note: As the Bahia Grass plates have a rounded shape, it is geometrically impossible to close all spaces between the plates. Butyou must not worry because these spaces can be later filled with pieces of broken plates that were previously separated.

3- Application of the grass:

After completing the entire stage of positioning the grass plates, it is time to close the spaces between the carpets using all the broken plates of Bahia Grass that were separated for the finishing step. At this point, your lawn will be ready and the planting compact, uniform, and ready to be finalized.

4 - Grass Coverage with earth:

To supplement the service, it is necessary to cover with earth the recently planted grass. Obs. Earth coverage: for those who do not know, covering the grass with earth consists of making a small and uniform layer of soil between the leaves of the grass. This technique helps in the retention of moisture and streamlines, helps the sprouting process and also helps the grass to "glue" on the ground more firmly. Do use a good quality soil free of weeds.

5 - Irrigation of the Grass:

Finalize the service by performing a good irrigation over the entire planted grass. Important: Irrigation should always be done in the late afternoon, so that the lawn will remain moist for much longer. You should irrigate the grass every day, for about a month.

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