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Carpet Grass detail in São Paulo

The Carpet Grass Axonopus Compressus

The Carpet Grass is also known as Jointgrass, Tropical Carpet Grass, Blanket Grass, Broad Leaf Carpet Grass, Louisiana Grass, Savannah Grass or just as Lawn Grass. It is originated from Brazil and can reach up to 20 cm (6.5”).

It is commonly used as pasture and to cover the land in fertile soils. It can adapt well to areas where other grasses does not adapt well, such as half shaded areas. The Carpet Grass is very resistant to humid and cold places. However, it is very sensitive to the lack of water, therefore, it must be watered frequently.

Carpet Grass leaves detail in Belo Horizonte

The characteristics

The Carpet grass has small and wide leaves and is very similar to Bahia Grass (Grama Batatais), however, it does not have hair when compared to Bahia Grass. In addition, Carpet Grass has more leaves than to roots which is the opposite of Bahia Grass.

The Carpet Grass is a perennial type of grass and is indicated for half shaded areas. However, it is fairly fragile type of grass that requires special care such as frequent watering and trimming.


 Where can I plant the Carpet Grass?

The Carpet Grass can be planted in areas with fertile and humid soil. It is relatively resistant to trampling and therefore, it is ideal for recreational areas as well as for pasture.

It is of note that the Carpet Grass may not adapt well at some places. Therefore, it’s planting is risky and the grass may not develop well.

The Carpet Grass is ideal for:

 - Parks

- Half shaded areas

- Residential and public gardens

- Closed neighborhoods

- Companies

- Orchards, Farms and Villas.


 When Can I plant the Carpet Grass?

The Carpet Grass may be planted at any time of the year, but preferentially during the rainy season.


Carpet Grass farm in Rio de Janeiro

How can I plant the Carpet Grass?

The Carpet Grass needs fertile and humid soils and therefore, its cost of implementation may be higher when compared to Emerald Grass and Bahia Grass. 

  • Before receiving the grass: Prepare the site where the grass will be planted. Remove all kinds of small rocks, dirt, debris, and weeds. Level the area.
  • Since the Carpet Grass needs fertile soil to develop well, we recommend analyzing the soil before planting. In case the soil is poor in nutrients, the fertilization and soil correction is recommended before planting. A prior consultation to a soil specialist of an agronomist engineer is recommended to verify and analyze the soil before planting.
  • The transportation of the grass: Normally, the Carpet Grass is transported as carpet tiles rolls of 40 cm x 125 cm (16” x 49”).
  • Once you receive the grass: unload the truck and plant the grass immediately by placing each grass carpet tiles side by side.
  • Once planted: the Carpet Grass must be watered daily and abundantly.
  • Trimming: the Carpet Grass requires trimming when the grass reaches 3 to 4 cm (1” to 1.2”).
  • Once well settled, the Carpet Grass must be watered frequently, mainly during dry season.

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Carpet Grass best price in Curitiba



  • Good resistance to weeds
  • Grows well in humid soils
  • Adapts well to sunny and half shaded areas
  • Once settled, it does not require frequent fertilization
  • It forms a very dense and vivid grass carpet, therefore it avoids the growth of other plants including weeds
  • It is resistant to flooding where there is no good water drainage.


  • The Carpet Grass does not adapts well to dry and less fertile lands
  • It presents a higher maintenance cost
  • It is susceptible to insects, nematodes and diseases.
  • It is considered as an aggressive grass, and therefore it can dominate and grow over other types of grass
  • Its growth is less intense, however it requires frequent trimming
  • It requires frequent watering, especially during dry season
  • Depending on the region, it is more resistant to diseases and pests
  • Depending on the region, it cannot adapt well, and does not develop and grow well.

How is the Carpet Grass Sold?

The Carpet Grass is normally sold as carpet tiles (pallets), seedlings and rolls of 40 cm x 125 cm (16” x 49”).

Main indications

The Carpet Grass is ideal for parks, residential and commercial gardens. 

Special cares
Since the Carpet Grass is not very resistant to the drought, it must be watered and trimmed frequently when it reaches 3 to 4 cm (1” to 1.2”) or once every 20 days.


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