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Bahia Grass in São Paulo

Bahia Grass Paspalum notatum

The Bahia Grass also known as Pensacola Bahia, Gentibrillo, and Herbe de Bahia is a very popular grass all over the world. It is originally from pasture and it adapts well to all kinds of climates. From Equatorial to Tropical, Subtropical, and High Altitude Tropical climates.

The Bahia Grass is native to Americas, especially from South America and may reach up to 30 cm (10”).

It is easily recognized by its inflorescence in “V” shape as shown below.

  Bahia Grass inflorescence in Belo Horizonte

Photo source: http://www.ufrgs.br/fitoecologia/florars/open_sp.php?img=5122


 The characteristics
The Bahia Grass presents small, hard and wide leaves, with a velvety texture and adapts well in large and broad areas with high incidence of sunlight.

It has very resistance to dry and lands poor in nutrients, and is of rapid growth, mainly during summer. Therefore, the Bahia Grass is sold a lot for planting of large areas.

The Bahia grass is also very resistant to trampling; therefore, it can be planted in recreational areas such as playgrounds, as a matter of fact, at horse farms, since it may work as pasture.

The Bahia Grass presents deep roots and therefore, its removal for commercialization is done with hoes and not with machines. This process originates irregular size grass carpet tiles. However, due to its deep roots, it is used a lot at slopes and embankments in order to avoid erosion. 

Where can I plant the Bahia Grass?

The Bahia Grass can be planted at any spacious and broad areas.

It presents deep roots, and therefore, it is planted preferentially at:

 - Embankments

- Slopes

- Ravines

- Dams

- Landfills

- Plateaus and broad areas

- Central and highway banks

- Recreation areas

- Horse farms 

 When can I plant the Bahia Grass?

The Bahia Grass can be planted at any time of the year, but preferentially during summer when the sunlight incidence is higher and the grass growth is quicker. 


Bahia Grass in Rio de Janeiro

How can I plant Bahia Grass?

Planting of Bahia Grass requires a bit more of care since it is very susceptible to weeds from planting up to its well settlement.

However, it is very resistant to soils poor in nutrients, which makes the soil preparation for planting and the maintenance of the lawn easier.

Before receiving the grass: Prepare the site where the grass will be planted. Removal all kinds of stones, dirt, and debris. Do remove all weed possible. Before, during and at the first weeks after planting, the Bahia Grass is very susceptible to weed infestation.

Prior fertilization of the area is not necessary, however, depending of the type of soil, the consultation to a soil specialist or an agronomist engineer is recommended to verify and analyze the soil before planting. The sandy and lightly textured soil is ideal for Bahia Grass.

The transportation of the grass: Normally, the Bahia Grass is transported as irregular format grass carpet tiles of about 40 cm x 40 cm (16”x 16”).

When the grass is received and unloaded: the Bahia Grass must be planted immediately and the grass carpet tiles must be placed with some spaces between them, since the growth of the grass is quick, the empty spaces between the grass will be filled out completely very fast.

Once planted: the Bahia Grass must be watered daily and abundantly in the first 20 days of planting

Grass trimming: the Bahia Grass need to be trimmed regularly due to its quick growth.

Once settled, the Bahia Grass does not need to be watered regularly since it is very resistant to draught due to its deep roots.   In addition, it is also very resistant to flooding, and can survive up to 30 days of flooding process.

The Bahia Grass can tolerate moderate fire.

For more information, read our article about How to plant Grass.


  • The Bahia Grass has deep roots and therefore, it is ideal for slopes and embankments, ravines, walls of dams, in order to avoid erosion.
  • Low cost
  • It is resistant to several conditions of soil, water and sunshine incidence.
  • It adapts well to poor and low fertile soils
  • It adapts well to high incidence of sunshine areas 


  • It does not adapt well to area of low sunshine incidence (half shaded or shaded areas)
  • The carpet tile format size is irregular, since it is removed with a hoe. See the video at on how Bahia Grass is removed and transported here: https://youtu.be/_XyokAV22XM
  • The Bahia Grass requires frequent trimming because it grows quickly.
  • It is susceptible to weed.

Main purpose

The Bahia Grass is ideal for contention of soil erosion at slopes and embankments

Special care

The Bahia Grass care is required especially at the beginning of planting until the grass gets well settled due to the high susceptibility to weed attack. The trimming is recommended when the grass reaches 3 cm (1”)


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Thank you for posting these information about the Bahia Grass. I also liked the photos in the gallery showing how the grass looks like. It is a pitty that actually you cannot sell this grass and ship it outside Brazil. But I appreciate you writing about this grass here.