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The origin of grass

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Nature always being at one with life: The importance of the grass in your life and in the world. 

Approximately one third of the plant that covers the Earth is of Savanas, Grassland and Pastures which are all ecosystems dominated by grasses.The family of grasses cover not only the grass that we know (grass for gardens and soccer fields); but also, the gramineae family includes the cereals, bamboo, sugarcane and pasture.

Now a day, more than 700 genres and 12,000 species all over the world is known. Only in Brazil, there are about 180 genres and 1500 species!

Grasses and gramineous are widely used in decoration, landscaping and gardening. Furthermore, grass is used in sports fields such as soccer, tennis (as well as at the Wimbledon’s tennis courts), football, polo, golf, cricket, rugby, and jockey clubs.

In addition, grasses as pastures are widely used as food for livestock as well as food for wild animals. However, one of the most important uses of gramineae family is as a source of food for human consumption, since in the family of gramineae also includes wheat, rice, corn, oats, barley, and rye.

Moreover, plants of the gramineae family are used in the production of fuel such as alcohol but also for the production of straw, paper, clothing, construction, beverages such as beer, whiskey, vodka and sake, which makes the gramineae family one of the most important plant for the world economy.


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Wow! I didn't know about the history and the origin of grasses. There are numerous blogs that superficially talks about it, but I found this article very informative. Thank you very much for this!