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Paisagismo e Jardinagem grama santo agostinho e esmeralda

In this page we will give you some tips on how to choose the most ideal grass for landscaping and your gardening project

The choice of grass type to be used in your project is very important for you to have the best result. Grass is known to be that low growing plant. It has several types and species with different characteristics which can be ideal for each case.

Therefore, the advance study and analysis of the types of grass is essential to choose the correct grass for your need.

When choosing the grass, you must take into account: 

  • The incidence of sunlight: if the area is under plain sunshine, half shaded or fully shaded areas.
  • The type of soil: sandy, clay, mixed, or rocky.
  • The nutrients of the soil: if rich or poor in nutrients.
  • Area: if the grass will be in a heavy circulation area and will be heavily trampled.
  • Maintenance: if the grass will be in an easy or difficult area for maintenance; if it will be fertilized and watered regularly.
  • Pests and weeds: if the area is naturally or gets easily infested with pests and weeds.
  •   We recommend you to always consult an agronomist, agriculturist engineer or a professional landscaper to clarify your doubts.


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I like the ideas you gave me to plant and take care of my garden. They are excellent! Thanks!

Great ideas and great tips. I definitely needed to know all about these!