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Grass Sale

Ordering request

The purchase order is formalized after you fill out the order form and send it to us via e-mail or by clicking here.


After your order is received, the delivery of the grass will be done in up to 48 hours, depending of the delivery location. You may also choose the delivery date.

Please note that the delivery may be delayed due to weather conditions. If it rains at Itapetininga, your delivery will be delayed until rain stops.  

Grass shipment preparation

Grass harvesting is done with machines specifically designed to cut the grass in standard sizes.

The size of each grass carpet is: 40 x 125 cm and 40 x 63.5 cm (16” x 49” and 16” x 25”)

After cutting the grass carpet, each tile is rolled and loaded on the truck. 

Delivery at your site

We schedule the delivery so that the truck arrives at your site in the morning, so that you can plant the grass as quick as possible along the day. 


During the rainy season, the delivery may get delayed since the grass cannot be cut.

In this case, the delivery is postponed until the rain ceases. Grass cut is performed 24h after the rain stops since the plate may brake easily.

We will let you know in advance if the delivery is delayed.

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