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Have you noticed that the grass of your neighbour is greener than yours?

Grama Esmeralda para Jardim - Vizinho

Why the grass of my garden changed color and it is not green anymore?

The color changes (when the grass becomes yellowish) or if the grass does not turn green indicates that there is some problem in the development of the grass.

The main reasons are:

  • Lack of Sunshine
  • Lack of water
  • Lack of fertilization
  • Lack of trimming
  • Excessive trampling
 Change in the density and color of the grass

When the grass density starts to fail and gets thin, and when you start seeing the land at some spots of your lawn, it is also and indicative of the grass growth problem.

 Ideally, it is recommended the consultation of an agronomist or an agricultural engineer to deal with the problems mentioned above.

However, we give you some tips below that might be able to solve these problems quickly and efficiently.

Coverage of Emeral Grass with earth
How can I make my grass greener and denser?

If the lawn gets less dense and thin, it is recommended to cover the grass with earth or fertilize it accordingly.

The addition of earth and the replenishment of nutrients allow for an increase in the contact surface of the root for micro and macro nutrients caption from the earth. Besides the organic fertilization, the grass needs micronutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that can be provided by using the NPK fertilizer.

For more information, check out our page that talks about how to fertilize the lawn.

This grass treatment can be done as follows:

  1. It is recommended to trim the grass first before treatment
  2. The NPK fertilizer at 10-10-10 proportion can be used to pulverize the lawn at a ratio of 100g/ m2 (342 lb/in2) at all lawn surface.
  3. Cover the lawn with earth. After fertilization, it is recommended to cover the grass with a thin and homogeneous layer of a good quality earth.
  4. Water the area abundantly every day for at least 15 days.


Note. The covering of the lawn with earth can be done at the beginning of the winter time. This method is known as “winter covering” that can also protect the grass from the low temperature and frost.

Emerald Grass total coverage with earth

Lack of Sunshine

 The green color of the plants (and of the grass) is due to the presence of chlorophylls that are responsible for an important process in the plant: the photosynthesis (from Greek, photo = light, synthesis = to put together/ to make).

The sunshine is indispensable for a good growth of the grass.

Lack of sunshine in Emerald Grass

In the process of photosynthesis, plants convert the energy of sunshine + carbon dioxide (CO2) + water to energy in form of glycoses + oxygen (O2).

Therefore, the absence of the light may jeopardize directly the good development and growth of the plant.

 When the grass is under a tree, it is recommended to prune the tree to allow for a higher incidence of sunshine to reach the grass.

 The Emerald, Bermudas, Bahia (Batatais) and Korean grasses are more sensitive to lack of Sunshine.

In case the grass have been wrongly planted at areas of half-shadow, it is recommended to substitute the grass with Carpet Grass (São Carlos Grass) or with the Saint Augustine Grass that are more resistant to half-shadowed areas.


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